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Nominations can be made NOW (click here) 


Thank you to the following accepted nominees:
Michael Gillman--President
Gordon Sivley, Carla Boyde--Secretary 
Carla Boyde--Events Coordinator

Officer Nomination Information
We are looking for involved club members to serve as the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Events Coordinator. Our board is made entirely of volunteers. Here’s your chance to let your time and talents benefit the whole club. Please give it serious consideration--a fellow member may ask for your permission to nominate you.


Election Day:  Tuesday November 4th

 Nomination Fine Print:

  • Any person who has the necessary skills, is in good standing, and meets the minimum requirements can be nominated for election as an Officer.
  • Members must be in good standing (dues paid in full) to make nominations or vote in the election.
  • You may only make one nomination per position (yourself included). It is the responsibility of the nominating member to verify with the nominee that they will accept the nomination.
  • Nominations will be posted on the club website as soon as practical, but in no case later than 72 hours prior to election day. The board will verify that each nominee accepts the nomination, and that they meet the minimum requirements as listed below, prior to posting the entire list of nominations.

 Nominee Minimum Requirements:  

  • President: 2 years of club membership, and has previously held one other elected or appointed position in the Club  
  • Vice-President, Events Coordinator, Secretary: Has attended 2 Club meetings and 2 Club events 

 Please note that the remaining officer positions (Membership Officer, Webmaster, and Financial Officer)

are appointed by the Board of Officers and serve until replaced..

 Please return here during the nomination period to make your nominations



Welcome to Club Miata Northwest


We are an active club with a simple goal:

Let's Go for a Drive!

Club Miata Northwest is a Miata organization based in Washington. Demographics range in all ages, professions, and personal interests for over 160 members.  The love for a Mazda Miata/MX5 goes way beyond a wave to a fellow driver on the road. All over the Pacific Northwest, the club’s enthusiastic members gather for drives or just to talk about their favorite subjects.

Club Miata Northwest was founded by a group of enthusiasts in 2002.  After our first year, the membership reached to over 100 cars. The attractive and user-friendly website helps distinguish us as an all-electronic club. The website provides current, upcoming, and archived useful information.  We're passionate about providing the very best Miata/MX5-related activities. We maintain a close relationship with regional, national, and international connections.

Events which the members enjoy include: day-trips, overnight or multi-day excursions, tech sessions, and motorsports participation.  Monthly rotating venue dinner meetings bring our community together. Our Member's Only Forum is an electronic outlet where all members can discuss Miata-related topics.

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Join the main club or join a chapter near you.

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