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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events



Please read our  FAQ page  for driving event tips and guidelines to see how easy and rewarding it is to lead a drive.
2018 Two Pass Drive - 7/14

Things we did in 2017:
Griot's Garage Visit, January- hosted by Karen Burkhart write-up
Tech Day, February - hosted by David Gaylord

Ocean Shores Weekend, April - hosted by Jim Boyde
4th Annual Olypen Breakfast, May- hosted by Judy Burr-Chelin
Breakfast and a Train, May- hosted by Jim Boyde
Whidbey Island Tour, June - Hosted by Gordon Sivley
Stevens Pass Picnic, June - hosted by Zeke Taney
Dinner in Newhalem, July - hosted by Jeff Dunning
Pacific NW Historics, July - hosted by Gordon Sivley
CDA Coffee, July - hosted by Eric Lobdel
Sprinting up Spokane, August - hosted by Jeff Sumrall
Rainier Run #14, August - hosted by Jeff Dunning
Bombin' Back up Baker, August - hosted by ZekeTaney
Mt. St. Helens, September - hosted by Jim Boyde
Curves d' Coeur d' Alene, September - hosted by Ron Kerkes
4th Annual Sea to Sky, September - hosted by Kelly Ferrel